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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want Ranbir to fall in love: Priyanka

I want Ranbir to fall in love: Priyanka

I want Ranbir to fall in love: PriyankaThat's Priyanka Chopra on the stunt she'd like to see newfound buddy Ranbir Kapoor take on. We chatted up Ranbir and Priyanka who, soon after their first film together, are surprisingly seriously in sync

PC and RK are leaving no stone unturned before their film Anjaana Anjaani hits the big screen next week. Guest appearances, tacky tie-ups -- two of the most in-demand stars are going the whole hog. We size up the handsome duo:

Do either of you know which film this famous line is from: "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers"?
No... but it's a very nice line.
Priyanka: I don't either.

It is from the 1951 classic, A Streetcar Named Desire.
Ohhhhh yes, the Marlon Brando one!

OK, a question about strangers that's closer home. Can you tell me which two stars featured in the 1976 film, Do Anjaane?
Aawwww ¦. ????
Ranbir: I know Amitabh Bachchan is the hero; was my mother the heroine?

No, it was Rekha. Coming back to the point ¦ have you ever been dependent on the kindness of a stranger?
Ranbir: When I was in New York, I was new to the place; I had to depend on strangers even if I had to reach some place.
Priyanka: I remember when I was travelling for my studies to Boston, USA, for the first time, I was all by myself and I had these huge bags. A lady came up to me and helped me with those bags all the way to the check-in counter. It taught me a lot about compassion.

What is the weirdest conversation you've struck up with a stranger?
Ranbir:It happened in San Francisco, while I was shooting for Anjaana Anjaani. I was walking in the night at around 2 am, and it was really cold. A beggar started singing a song about his life -- how once he had everything going for him; a good career, a good life, but how whiskey spoilt everything.

I was so impressed with his openness, I gave him money. He said that he didn't want my money, although he needed it. He gave me a string that was attached to his guitar -- I still have it on my right leg, I haven't taken it off.
Priyanka: I'm not the kind of person who will make the first move with a stranger. I always like the other person to break the ice.

Okay, once the two of you were no longer strangers, did you get to know something about the other that was a shocker?
Ranbir: She's more of a daredevil than I am -- she can pick up a snake or jump off a bridge.
Priyanka: I found that at times Ranbir can be very thoughtful ¦ but only at times (laughs).

What do you guys fight about?
Ranbir: She takes far too much time to get ready. I have become friends with her so I can take the liberty of hurrying her up with: 'How much time do you take!' She is always sweet and says, 'I'm sorry'.
Priyanka: Ranbir fights with me about my unpunctuality but forgets that I'm a girl -- he expects me to miraculously change my clothes and be ready for the shot or for a party. He fights with me. I don't. Actually, we keep fighting about everything and anything all the time. We are also constantly hitting each other.

Ranbir, how do you stop PC from going on Twitter?
Ranbir: You can't. She began the craze at a time when many of us weren't even aware of it. She loves to interact with her fans.

Priyanka, make a choice -- Steve Carell doing a pole dance or Ranbir Kapoor?
Priyanka: I actually haven't seen Steve Carell dancing, but it would be a treat to watch Ranbir doing a pole dance; you will see it in this film.

Name one stunt that you would want the other to do.
Ranbir: She really loves Shah Rukh (Khan)a lot; I want her to get into a fist fight with Shah Rukh.
Priyanka: I want him to fall in love; that has not happened to him yet.

One achievement you want to your credit before you turn 30?
Ranbir: I want to become the greatest actor, the biggest star. Age has got nothing to do with it. I want to direct movies, produce movies. I want to start a family, have children. I want to start coaching a young football team, buy a home in New York. Give all the happiness to my parents.
Priyanka: I want to sing! I want to sing!


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