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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Laxmi Prasanna Supporting ‘Free Sex’

             One of the noted celebrities of the Tollywood circuit and a rather enterprising and charming woman, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna has made a mark of her own with her presence despite her father’s legacy. Now, she seems to be taking few bold steps which are getting mixed reactions.
             Lakshmi is currently in the US and recently, she posted a picture on her twitter ID which has raised few eyebrows. While the Billboard ad she saw in US talks about virginity, the reaction of Lakshmi was the attention grabber. In essence, it conveyed that Lakshmi is in full support of ‘free sex’.
              The Billboard is as shown in the picture and Lakshmi Manchu reacted to it with the line on twitter, “Ok, now that is a brilliant billboard ever!! Lol. Hahahahahagahaaaaaa”.
               Is that not sounding to be supporting Free Sex??!!
              However, few others said that this gesture of hers was purely done on a lighter vein and was meant to be taken as a joke and not literally. Given the celebrity status that this pretty lady has and the impact she has on the general public, this naughty act of hers has set few debates triggering..


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